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 Where you live is not just your house, it is also your home. It is a place where you can feel comfortable, relax, socialize and most importantly get creative! For the place that you spend most of your time, it needs to reflect you. If you are really into sparkly pretty girly things you would walk around in all black baggy clothes would you? Similarly if you were an outdoors type of man you'd more likely be wearing comfy clothes then silk shirts and tight pants right? Well it is the same thing with your home; it is a massive reflection of your personality and style and therefore needs to show this to all who enters it. 

A modern man who loves nothing more than gadgets and technology should be in a home full of chrome, electronics and sleek interior; and a woman who is into vintage style arts and crafts and baking should be in a home filled with lovely cottage style decor. 


DIY is so simple

It is so easy to make your home look fantastic and unique while keeping the cost down to a minimum. The answer is in DIY. If you can source great items and materials, all you need is a bit of creativity and your home can look fabulous! Here at NAS Total DIY we are lovers of all things DIY and Technology. We check out the top sites, suppliers, bloggers and more to find you the most amazing inspiration that you need to get your home just how you want it!

We work with loads of different types of products that you can use to do up your home yourself. We only promote the best quality products and have a great team of DIY researchers who spend their working days scouring the net for such amazing items! We will also only go with great prices, I mean, what is the point in DIY if you end up spending more than you would in a shop? DIY is all about the sense of pride in doing something alone but there is also a massive element of cost effectiveness in there and if you aren't saving money while DIY-ing then that's half the point missed!



One of our major products that we love is cabling! Whether it is fitting a new light fixture, installing your new TV or building a new outbuilding, we can help you to find the right type of cabling. We deal with a range of reel lengths, cable thickness and specs to help you to bring your home to life. We have loads of great ideas on cable ties and tidy’s as well as all of the safety procedures that you need to follow to make sure that the job is done safely and effectively. Nobody wants loose cables lying around; they look messy and can be dangerous especially for children


Check out our great range of cables that can help you to make your new home unique, safe and most importantly cost effective!

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